My Top 5 Anti-Aging Routines

By:  David Lee, Life / Health / Executive Coach

I am currently 48 years old and am continuing my Benjamin Button lifestyle of aging backwards.  I used to have the mindset that as you get older you just have to preserve and hang on to your health and longevity as much as you can, but eventually you see it slip away from you.  Not anymore. 

We know so much more about health and longevity now than we ever have, but unfortunately most of this knowledge has not been made known in mainstream health care.  I have studied and practiced much of the health optimization and biohacking principles and continue to be amazed with the transformation of not only my body, but also my mind and emotions.

There are several things that I have studied and implement to stay forever young.  Below are my top 5 routines I do to maintain my youth and vitality.

1. Sleep

This is not the first, nor the last time you will hear me talk about sleep.  Sleep is the cornerstone of anyone’s health, and is without question the most important thing required for optimal health.  There is no better anti-aging thing on the planet other than sleep.  There’s a reason why they call it beauty sleep!  Sleep is the fountain of youth. 

The benefits of sleep are so numerous.  Just some examples are a boost in the following:  energy, recovery, regeneration, memory, mental health, and immune system.  It’s vital for hormone restoration, weight loss, stress reduction, and much much more…  The biggest problem is most of us have difficultly getting great sleep and our nation is chronically sleep deprived.  I will spend more time just discussing sleep in other posts, but for now understand that nothing will accelerate your aging more than a lack of quality sleep.  Make this your number one priority!

2. Skin Care Routine

I have a regimented skin care routine.  I know this goes against the typical tough guy mentality of just splashing some water on your face and avoiding all beauty products, however I decided earlier on that I didn’t want my face to look like a catcher’s mitt as I got older.  Don’t see any benefit of letting that happen!

There are a ton of skin care products out there for both men and women.  The problem that I’ve found is that the clear majority of most of the major skin care brands are quite toxic.  That’s right, the amount of chemicals and perfumes listed on your products may make your skin look better short term, but will also create a lot of harm to your body long term.  Many chemicals used in skin care products are carcinogenic, can cause many illnesses and diseases, and are also endocrine disruptors which can alter your hormones (in a negative way).  Read your labels carefully.  Even ones that are advertised to be all natural can be more toxic than you think.

The company that I use is Brickell.  I like them not only because I think the products are great, but they are also all natural and organic, and I can eat the product if I wanted to (not that I would).  I use many of their products including there face wash, lotions, anti-aging creams, masks, peptide boosters, etc…  I haven’t done a ton of research on all of the other products out there, nor do I care to, I just know what I like and will likely stay with this company for a while unless something better comes along.

3. Collagen Protein

Collagen protein is a relatively new product.  Most supplements come from the bone, skin, and connective tissues of animals, mainly cows.  The benefits of collagen protein are numerous, but the main thing I take it for is to support all connective tissue including hair, skin, nails, tendons, ligaments, muscles, joints, etc…  From an anti-aging perspective the main thing is to improve skin elasticity, and can also support your hair follicles making them thicker and minimize thinning over time.  A must in your anti-aging supplement routine!

4. Red Light Therapy

I am a huge proponent of red light therapy.  I have built a red light tower in my house which I stand in buck naked every morning.  Red light has numerous benefits including stimulating your mitochondria to make more ATP (the energy cells of your body), decreasing inflammation, improving sleep, boosting your immune system, improving recovery, and much more.  From an anti-aging perspective it is known to boost testosterone, rejuvenate your skin, improve hair growth and much more.

Even if you can’t afford to do a whole tower like I have, a small panel that you can rotate around your body, especially your face can be quite beneficial.

5. Cryotherapy

Out of all of the health optimization things I do, cryotherapy is without question my favorite.  It is also the most painful, which I have worked hard building up my tolerance to.  Even though my tolerance is much better than when I first started 2 years ago, there are many days where I still dread jumping into that ice-cold shower.  However, I never regret it after the fact.  The benefits of cryotherapy are also numerous including decreasing inflammation, increasing fat loss, boosting immunity, improving mood etc…  From an anti-aging perspective, I always finish off my 5 minute cold showers with at least a minute of my face (cryo fascial!).  This is known to stimulate collagen production, reduce fine lines, and boost circulation.


There are many anti-aging things that people do which may or may not actually improve how you look.  My caution with some of these products or procedures is they may not be healthy for you.  The main reason why I do everything I listed above, is not only do they all make you look better, but in general are all healthy for you in every way.  I always say, people who look good are not necessarily healthy, however, people who are healthy always look good.  Let’s make sure your compass is pointed towards health, not just how you look.

I am watching my body improve over time, not decline.  Not only do I not fear aging, I look forward to it as I believe my best days are still ahead of me, not behind.

I am not built any different than anyone else.  You can do this too.  Shift your mind, shift your perspective, shift your attitude, and take control of your life.  Join me on my Benjamin Button protocol and let’s have our older self pics look better than our younger ones.

If you have any questions on anything I have discussed above, feel free to leave a comment or email me directly.

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