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Sleep or Die! My top 13 ways to sleep better. Part 2 of 6: When to Sleep

There are many theories and studies on the subject of when is the ideal time to sleep.  I have studied several of these as I have always tried to optimize my sleep as best as possible.  Most people believe that as long as you sleep enough, then when you sleep shouldn’t matter.  I and many other people couldn’t disagree with this more.  When you sleep matters, as it can drastically affect the quality of your sleep.

Sleep or Die! My top 13 ways to sleep better. Part 1 of 6: Food and Drinks

I have never really been a great sleeper.  Partly because of my bad habits and lifestyle I used to do ie. late night tv (especially without blue light glasses), eating junk food and drinking alcohol late at night, being in a chronic state of mental stress and much more…  I would many times be in a constant fog during the day, not feel my best, especially in my thirties and early forties.

My Top 5 Anti-Aging Routines

I am currently 48 years old and am continuing my Benjamin Button lifestyle of aging backwards.  I used to have the mindset that as you get older you just have to preserve and hang on to your health and longevity as much as you can, but eventually you see it slip away from you.  Not anymore. 

4 Levels of Love

Valentine’s Day can be amazing day as we celebrate the people we love most in this world, particularly our significant others. This day can also be very painful for many of us who are in broken relationships, or are wanting to be in a relationship but currently aren’t.

My top 5 ways to boost your immune system

This cold and flu season will be one like no other that we have ever seen.  With the obvious pandemic still plaguing us, in addition to the regular cold and flu season that I predict will be even stronger this year, it is that much more important that we keep our immune systems strong.  Our best defense against all illnesses still is, and will always be our immune system.

Top 10 ways to lose weight, and exercise is at the bottom of this list!

Many people think that to lose weight it’s as simple as just eat better and exercise more.  While these things are very important, there is much more to it than that.  Your body is complex, and it’s no where as simple as just calories in and calories out.  With this theory, you just eat less, exercise more bringing you into a “caloric deficit” and the weight will just come off.  This is neither true, nor sustainable.

Introduction to my Super Human Blog

Welcome to my blog.  My mission is simple:  End all human suffering, and turn everyone into a super human!  Am I just using this mission statement as a fun marketing ploy?  Can I make these kinds of bold claims?

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