The question I’m asked all the time is: what chair should I buy? Unfortunately I have never been able to confidently make a recommendation for any specific chair as I found that none of them have been ideal in addressing all of the issues that people face with sitting all day long. I’m happy to announce that for the first time I can now make that recommendation with the CoreChair which I believe already has, and will disrupt the current ergonomic chair industry.

The conventional ergonomic chair

The goal of all of these chairs is simple: to try and maintain an upright posture as much as possible, supporting all of the natural curves of your spine.  People have spent thousands of dollars going through many of these chairs, trying to get one that best fits them.  However the biggest problem about these chairs is not that they don’t adequately fit you, it’s that they keep you stagnant.

​As time went on, I started to see all of the damage and health issues that have developed from people sitting too long.  Recommendations were made to not sit still for more than 30 mins at a time, even if you had the perfect ergonomic set up.  Then we started to realize that even 30 mins was too long so that recommendation came down to 20 mins, then 10 mins, and now it’s simply to move as much as you possibly can. People who work at a computer all day know that it’s practically impossible to be productive while trying to move as much as possible.  Therefore many attempts have been made to remedy this situation.

The exercise ball chair

This was something that was introduced several years ago, and it seemed smart. Sit on a ball to actively engage your core and keep you moving. However over time we realized that there was a big problem with this idea. Most people were unable to properly maintain their posture on the ball for more than 5 mins. Instead they ended up slouching on the ball which created even more compression on their spine then a normal chair would. People have also found the ball chair cumbersome and difficult to work on throughout the day

The standing desk

The latest fad has now been to create a work station that allows you to stand. While I believe that this is a step in the right direction it still doesn’t solve the fundamental problem, and that is to move! You can be just as stagnant standing as you can sitting. In fact if you are comparing standing still verses sitting still, standing still is actually worse for you. If a standing desk encourages more movement, then it is definitely better than not, however most people end up standing still for hours at a time.

For the first time there is a solution for the problem we have been trying to solve for decades. This chair not only keeps you moving while able to sit and be productive, but stabilizes your pelvis in a neutral position while actively engaging your core. Your posture now improves over time as you sit, rather than the other way around.

CoreChair Features

Free Shipping, 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee,
12 Year Warranty

The CoreChair has a 12 year warranty and a 60 day satisfaction guarantee. Chairs are like beds. You never really know how you’ll like it until you use it for a while. Try it out, and if it’s not the best chair you have ever used you can send it back for a full refund. However with a less than 2% return rate, We’re confident that you won’t want to give it back!

Preferred and Corporate Pricing

The CoreChair normally retails for $995. As one of the original ambassadors, I can provide you with a 10% discount for you and your company. C